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Jenny ()
2004-10-28   09:36:32

Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!

Michael (tivo@weaknees.com)
2003-03-15   12:57:24

Wow - our interests overlap quite a bit: Macintosh, FileMaker, and TiVo. Great site!

klingeltöne (abba12@post.cz)
2003-03-12   14:52:09

Cool site!

Larry George (kodicekm@37.com)
2003-02-26   04:11:26

What a beautiful and awesome site. I adore what you've done with your setup and graphics. I recently built a new home page of my own, so I'm doubly impressed. Wow.

Matthew Norman (warrenlars@hotmail.com)
2001-06-15   16:00:34

Hey there chris, I was cleaning my computer desk off and i stumbled upon your card withy our web url on it. Good work man, I enjoyed it a lot. By the way, this is your waiter from Nata's from about 6 months ago. heh. Well I'll for sure be visiting your page again soon. Keep up the good work!

Janet (janet_c@earthlink.net)
2001-04-24   12:50:35

Chris : You have too much time on your hands. Watch a few more movies or videos would ya? ; ). I would second the request on the spelling checking. Good job otherwise Chris. Come out ot California soon! Janet

Jean (jeeni@mac.com)
2001-04-23   21:21:36

Chris, that is a very nice touch to have snowflakes falling on your homepage! I love it!

Suzanne Balay (sbalay@georgeschmitt.com)
2001-04-23   15:30:50

I like the WebCam in the Kitchen. It looks as if you have some Bass on the table. 1. Is it really Bass or some of your home brew? 2. Are you having a party? 3. If yes when? 4. Will we be able to sample some of your homemade cheese? Happy Winter Greetings -

Mark and Holli Durkin (mark_durkin@comcast.net)
2001-04-23   15:30:50

Just Registering cause you asked

Pete C (peterc@usadatanet.net)
2001-02-03   16:41:44

Hey whats going on? Everything looks great, we gotta get to a movie sometime [what's up with that Crouching Tiger Hidden Draggin' movie?!] Talk to ya soon [if you come to the Mackerel Play that is! ] [did I use the parentheseese too much? oh yeah I'm building a big ol' 1GHZ ddr machine, I might have to contact you for some HELP!, but hopefully I've gotten all my mistakes behind me...]

Laura Olsen (lolsen@snet.net)
2001-02-01   06:58:37

This is becoming a family affair with all the Olsen's registered. Not partial to the Democratic overtones of this site, nor the Gates bashing -- but it is a free country, thank God. You are entitled to your opinions (foolish as they are) and to express them. Honestly, though, I am totaly impressed with the workmanship of the site. I have no idea myself how you do this stuff! I do suggest, however, some proof reading, and perhaps some spell checking. I'm I being too picky?? Bye, Chris!!

Amie (amiefanning@mac.com)
2000-10-27   19:22:10

Wow, looking very professional. Wish I had the time to catch one of the better rated movies. What does it take for a movie to be a ****? Love the improvements, especially the cat. Happy b-day! Keep up the good work. TTFN, Am

Kathy (kct@cshore.com)
2000-10-15   09:11:58

Hi Chris - wow, what a site!!!! Loved looking through your music collection...mine isn't anywhere near as extensive, but we have a lot of the same music. Lois' paintings are incredible...she has an impressive amount of talent. Just sent your site to several people - I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I have. You're bookmarked! Kathy

Lisa (lisa_m@mac.com)
2000-09-24   21:31:04

Hi Chris. Your site looks great! I enjoy checking out your movie reviews. I know how much work goes into building a site and you certainly have been busy. Web cams are creepy but it is neat that you have one. They are also an excellent way to nab burglars in the act, sort of like a convenience store surveillance cam, without the access to Slurpees. Keep up the good work. ps- please don't bang the door.

Eric Balay (ericbalay@msn.com)
2000-09-24   16:27:51

Hiya Chris - Cool stuff. I can't see your webcam with my lowly webtv (I cringe with pain at the thought of using a real computer during my free time). I'll have to walk around the block to Scott's and use one of his computers. Someday I'll gen up a webpage of my own. Seeya - Eric

Carol Anne Bachhuber (Bachhubers@worldnet.att.net)
2000-09-24   08:17:27

Hey Chris, I was not able to view your webcam from home due to insufficient technology. I will have to try from a macintosh when i get an opportunity. Will have to come back here and give it a better look when i am not so busy. Cool Site!!! Signing off now, Carol Anne ps:bang the door some more, i cannot wait for you to break the glass! heehee!

Bill Olsen (wolsen@snet.net)
2000-09-23   11:50:17

Looks good, Chris. (I had to view the WebCam from work though, as I don't have Netscape loaded on my home PC.) Seems like your cat really likes your desk, as he/she's what I saw when I checked your cam too. Have you trained him to perform any tricks for us? At least he gives us proof that your cam is live! I bet you already thought of this too, but you could set your trains to run all day when you put the camera on them.... I like Neil's idea - when you put the camera on your trains, you could also give us some buttons on your site to press for live sound clips. Woo-Woo! You know this site officially qualifies you to march in the upcoming "Million Geek March"? You can get more info about it at: http://cbsnewyork.com/news2/techbytes/story_193160730_html P.S. - This entry HAS been spell-checked! (By Microsoft products...) :o)

Pat French (Home) (pfrench01@snet.net)
2000-09-23   08:05:40

Very nice Chris. I agree with you on Casablanca, but you really should move Murphy's Romance up in the ratings. If you don't I'm not paying your bills. I can't believe you have Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World. That is an absolute favorite of mine. It's been fun. Good Luck Monday!!

Pez Girl (Dudra@Pezcandyinc.com)
2000-09-22   18:00:51

Damn, I go through all the trouble (!) of booting up the computer cause i promised i would visit and i can't get ths webcam page to load with IE. Well in any event, Lois' work was certainly worth the trip! Great stuff, makes me 'homesick' for Mejico. Good luck Monday, when they ask if you want to keep them (the stones)please keep in mind that none of your friends ever wants see them! Catch at the prairie dog farm! Guess who

Kimbo ()
2000-09-22   09:57:47

You know my name...you know my e-mail address...what you don't know is how to Q.C. your typing!!! "Whould" you hire ME to Q.C. your site?

Mark Durkin (mdurkin@georgeschmitt.com)
2000-09-22   09:50:16

Just Registering cause you asked

Jean (jeeni@mac.com)
2000-09-22   09:44:13

Looks like your cat enjoys your desk during the day! I think he/she prefers to use Internet Explorer on your machine! I know you won't believe me, but it's true! ;) hehe!

Amie - Again (amiefanning@mac.com)
2000-09-22   06:55:20

Back again. Speaking of backs, that's all I saw was you looking at the computer. I went on with Netscape communicator. I went back with Outlook. You haven't moved! Get away from the thing. Get some fresh air. It's the first day of autumn. Our weather is almost here!!! Well, I hope this keeps you out of trouble. I'l; bet you get into plenty. TTFN Amie. Ahl be baack.

George Feinberg (george_feinberg@yahoo.com)
2000-08-08   20:11:35

Very interesting! Enjoyed. Also like tips on movies, as I seem to totally disagree with you on the few I've seen (I see one or two movies a year) I can use your ratings as a contrarian indicator. (For example I thought that Forest Gump was one of the worst (if not the worst) movies I ever saw. It glorified stupidity and promoted serendipity as a sure path to success. On the other hand I thought that The Cider House Rules was one of the best and most serious films I have ever seen (you rate it one *). My personal favorite is the Powell-Pressburger production of The Tales of Hoffman. Casablanca is a close second (horrors!! we agree on something, now I don't know how to use your ratings. Anyhow, keep up the work (good or otherwise, it's interesting).

pete exsoundguy from Algonkuin (peter.coppola@snet.net)
2000-08-04   09:24:26

aaaaaaaghhhhhh I can barely see all the beautiful content from my tiny windows powered somewhat homemade "machine" please help me oh Macintosh Gooroo my tiny 32MB of video ram is somewhat astounded by your all-powerful locomotives of imagery. [......can i BE any more sarcastic] okay your G3 laptop still has the best and brightest screen I've seen , but of course that's not saying much . cya pete

Neil Olsen (nolsen@optonline.net)
2000-08-03   09:14:56

I am very dissapointed. I thought you would have a flash multi-media model train page, with MOVING trains you could click on and NOISES when the trains crashed instead of just pictures. I thought if you accessed the site with a PC instead of a MAC, you would put them on five 'free' web / email sites and overload their mailbox with annoying junk, and if with a UNIX system, you would automatically transfer $100,000 to their bank account from Bill Gates's, and if the user was a republican, you would change their browsers home URL to www.democrats.org. I thought you could download ALL the videos you've seen. I thought you've have live action video cam of your fish tank. All talk and no action. Can you do this by next week? However, the Movies section is more than adequately obsessive. Get help now! I understand that some of the newer pharmaceutical techniques can cure this demented behavior. Someday they may have a cure for chronic nerdism as well. I say all this as a friend.

Amie ()
2000-07-10   22:21:21

Cheers for Geeks everywhere. Gotta admit... you've got way too much time on your hands. Keep updating the reviews, especially new releases so I know what not to waste $ on. Good job! Am

Julie Temple Sweidan (jtsjewels@hotmail.com)
2000-06-20   15:28:05

Hi Chris, Wow!! I'm impressed!! I need help with my web page. Doesn't compare (AT ALL!) to yours. Novice me.....Julie

Cheri (cheri@chrisbalay.com)
2000-06-14   12:19:53

Interesting, thought-provoking, stimulating, entertaining, riveting performance by the trains, thoroughly entertaining...wow, I now know someone with their own web page! I may not be tehcnical, but I certainly know how to surround myself with the most sweetest of geeks. :)

Lucinda (lucinda.gall@yale.edu)
2000-06-09   11:41:26

Hey there, this site is pretty cool! Do ya think we'll be running into each other 'in person' in the near future? I never see you around Trinity anymore. Take care.

Victor Velt (victorvelt@yahoo.com)
2000-06-08   14:12:22

Hey Chris, This is great - I love what you're doing with your 'homespun' site. Keep me on your email list for updates.

Chris Balay (chris.balay@gawpus.com)
2000-06-07   13:34:53

This is me, so I will start it off. Have fun.